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02.06.04 - 11:09 p.m.

Just finished watching what was most likely the final episode of Ed, and it's still a little sad to see it end. Its first season coincided with my fall in Chicago, with Dan and I talking and emailing and getting to know each other, and was a huge part of our first weekend together.

Back when we had nothing but 'the wonderful world of possibility' of what might be between the two of us, we watched it. I came out to Jersey, the stars aligned. We went to the pie shop -- our first picture together, which is still framed in our living room.

I agree with Nathan Alderman at TeeVee that there should be a spinoff called Stuckeyville and we could check in on Molls and Eli and see what they're up to. Warren can graduate and head off to college, if he likes, but Molly can still be principal. Someday Warren can come back and buy the bowling alley, but that won't be in the show. That will just be in our minds.

I wonder what's going to happen to Stuckeybowl and whether it would be possible for us to actually have our wedding there, because that would be rather fitting. No way in hell would I go for a circus wedding, but a Stuckeybowl wedding I could totally get behind.

The show went through four seasons. It didn't always live up to my expectations and I threatened to leave it more than once, but I stuck around Stuckeyville until the end. Dan and I might not have the new car smell in our relationship anymore, but I think we find a better place for ourselves every day. I still get a little jolt every time I look at him and I have no doubt that even though Ed might be over, our story will go on. Thanks, guys, for doing your small part in unlocking the secrets of our universe.

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